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How to customize role's action/expression?

You are able to customize your own role's action/expression in Adobe Flash software.

How to add roles?

Animiz offers different types of roles with actions and expressions to help designers to create animated and impressive video content

How to add images?

Image plays a very important role in a presentation video, and it is sometimes better than text to deliver messages. In the Animiz, you can easily add images and edit images as you wish

How to add SVG images?

There are a lot of gorgeous SVG images in the Animiz. You can add them to illustrate the specific content in your video.

How to add callout/dialog box?

Animiz Animation Maker endows designers with the ability to add callouts in some dialog scenes to make the dialog content more eye-catching

How to add sound?

In the Animiz Animation Maker, you can add sound to enliven the atmosphere of video and let it bring a hearing and visual experience to your audience.

How to add effects?

In the Animiz, you are able to add animated effects to make your content dynamic and interesting

How to customize your own roles?

Apart from those pre-designed online roles, you are also able to add new and customize roles by yourself.

How to edit locked object?

When the playhead is located on an animation bar of an object, you cannot make any editing to this object. To edit this locked object, you can follow these steps in this article.

How to flip objects horizontally or vertically?

You have the ability to flip objects horizontally or vertically in Animiz with one click to make the object look its best.

How to change the text leading and text letter spacing?

As a video designer, after adding the text, you may want to change the text leading or text letter spacing in some situation

How to add text?

You are able to add text to tell a unique story in your animated video. There are two options offered to add text in the Animiz

How to manage My Library?

Animiz allows you to save used contents including videos, images and sounds in My library, which is convenient for you to reuse these elements in a new presentation.

How to add labels?

Labels play an important role, when it comes to making a focal point to catch eyeballs. Animiz prepares 4 types of labels for you. These labels are Mosaic, spotlight, highlighter, and blur.

How to add shapes?

In the Animiz Animation Maker, it is so easy to add these shapes to your scene, even you can fully customize them to meet your needs.

How to insert superscript and subscript?

Animiz offers two ways for you to add subscript and one way to add superscript. These way are easily taken. You can choose one of them to insert superscript and subscript to make your video presentation more powerful.

How to add formulas?

​You have an easy access to a variety of formulas, when creating a video presentation with Animiz. These formulas are editable and can be combined with each other to fit your needs.

How to add actor?

Animiz has a huge library of roles, which contains Flash actors, PNG actors and GIF actors for you to use in the video presentation.

How to add charts?

There are types of charts in Animiz built-in library, including a radar chart, a pie chart, a bar chart a line chart and so on. You can use these charts to visualize the data and convey information clearly.

How to add symbols?

From the symbol presenting the social network, to the symbol standing for multi-media, no matter what type of symbol you are looking for, you can always find a proper one in Animiz gallery to be applied to your video presentation.